1. The doors will open 15 minutes before the prayer. Worshippers must leave as soon as the prayer finishes; you can do your Sunnah at home or in your workplace.

2. Anyone with any symptoms of Covid-19, or who has been in contact in the last 14 days with anyone with Covid-19, must not come to the Mosque.

3. Social distancing of 1 meter must be maintained at all times.

4. Children under the age of 12 will not be admitted.

5. Anyone over the age of 70, or anyone whose health makes them vulnerable, must not come to the Mosque at this time.

6. To be admitted you MUST:

• Perform your Wudu before coming to the Mosque.
• Bring your own prayer mat
• Bring a bag for your shoes (you must keep your shoes with you at all times)
• Wear a face mask at all times

7. Hand sanitizers will be available; you must use these on entry, and before and after touching any surfaces.

8. There should be no socialising in the Mosque; it is only opening for congregational prayer. Shaking hands, hugging and other contact must be avoided.

9. The Mosque will be closed between prayers, and will not be available for individual worship.

We will need everyone’s cooperation in these challenging times. May Allah ﷻ help us to re-open our Mosque safely for our community.